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nose polyps remedies

nasal polyps natural remedies

Nasal Polyps Natural Remedies

It is common for sinus to get blocked making breathing difficult. This happens due to polyps growths in the nasal cavity. Doctors do not know with certainty the reason for these growths.  According to one theory even intolerance to aspirin can cause this problem. There is some evidence to support this theory also.

Doctors have found that patients suffering from asthma are more prone to getting polyps. It has been observed by many doctors that men above the age of 40 get this problem.

Repeated sinus infections, cold, asthma, allergens and many other factors are considered to be causing nasal polyps. And almost one third of people who get the nasal polyps removed by surgery get the problem again after few months.

The re occurrence after surgical removal is so high that often doctors prescribe steroidal nasal drops and sprays to prevent regrowth. However steroids have side effects and therefore you cannot use them endlessly.

Finding natural treatment for nasal polyps is not easy however we have done the entire search and found out certain remedies that work better than others.

One remedy that quickly clears the polyps is the combination of horseradish and honey. You will have to 250 grams of both these items and mix them well. Take one teaspoon of the mix once in the morning and the second time at night. By the time you finish consuming this mix you polyps should get cleared.

Another natural treatment that has been found to be effective is tea tree oil diluted with olive oil. Application of diluted tea tree oil to the polyps is known to shrink the polyps in a few days.  Regular use of tea tree oil can help you to get rid of this problem completely.

Once you clear the polyps you need to prevent formation of polyps. For this you will have to make some diet and lifestyle changes.

You should limit the consumption of foods that are known to make the body retain a lot of fluid and also foods that cause inflammation. When inflamed cells in the nasal passage get filled with fluids this leads to grape like growths.

Secondly you will have to take all steps to prevent nasal infections and asthma. This includes breathing pure air, avoid chemical based cosmetics, humidification of dry air, prevention of allergic reaction and other such factors that help in the formation of polyps.

If you have very severe breathing problem due to large polyps in the nasal passage and natural remedies are not helping you then see a doctor who specializes in handling nasal polyps. You may need a surgery if polyps are huge and medicines are not working.

Post surgery also you will need to take care of diet and lifestyle to prevent the growths from coming back.